Course: Key to eBay - Secrets for Beginners
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كورس :" مفتاح من ايباي - اسرار للمبتدئين 1.0" متوفر الان في حسابك الشخصي.
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مفتاح من موقع ايباي - اسرار خاصه للمبتدئين 1.0
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Working online is easy
Start our course to become your own master, or stick to your old lifestyle. It’s up to you!
كورس: مفتاح من ايباي - اسرار للمبتدئين 1.0
A two-hour online course that demonstrates all the ways of maintaining a successful eBay account without leaving the comfort of your home.
Think like a successful person and don’t be afraid to aim high!
Discover your inner potential — look at this graph and imagine you’re moving with it!
Think about it!
The number of eBay visitors is over 90 million a day — an endless line of buyers. How many of these people do you think will be buying from you? I think the answer is clear. What are you waiting for? Never go back! Do not hesitate to follow our tips in the Beginner Training Course "Key from Ebay - Beginner Secrets 1.0" or go straight to the full information and earn unlimited money with the help of our tips and experiences.
It fits all!
People who are interested in selling precious items ot valuable antiques after buying them from eBay
People who want to sell old or unnecessary things for a good profit
Students and beginners
People who want to learn how to make their first money online on large platforms like eBay
لأولئك الاشخاص الذين يبيعون ويعملون مسبقا عبر الإنترنت ، ويريدون استكشاف منصة بيع جديدة لبيع البضائع ؛
Why eBay
  • - Potential buyers from all over the world
  • - eBay is the most famous marketing platform
  • - You don’t need to have a large starting capital
  • - Remote work
  • - And so much more...
Course author
Abdu Al Zobi

- He loves sports. "Sport is life, it's movement, it's health! It gives me energy for development and I want to share that energy."

- Co-author of 4 courses on online sales

- Co-founder of Retuts

- More than a thousand students from all over the world participated in the courses. Around 80% have successfully completed the training.
Course Program
كل الدروس
  • 1. كيفيه البدء في الدوره التعليميه
  • 2. كيفيه تحضير اي منتج للبيع
  • 3. كيفية اختيار فئة المنتج المناسب
  • 4. Cassini محرك البحث في موقع eBay
  • 1-5. اختيار كلمات مناسبه لوصف المنتج
  • 5. استخدام ادوات مساعده لاختيار كلمات وصف قويه
  • 6. كتابه صفحه بيع مهنيه
  • 7. انواع المبيعات وكيفيه التعامل معها
  • 8. Shipping-انواع واداره الشحن
  • 9. Return policy -سياسه الترجيع للمنتجات
  • 10. ادراج صفحه البيع و اعتماد المنتج للبيع
كيف تتم عمليه التدريب
- Immediately after the payment, you will be able to access all the lessons and benefits related to the educational course.
- You can study the material in a comfortable setting - one lesson every day or all materials at once.
- After viewing the material, you can apply it immediately to grasp the idea better.
- If you find something hard or want to clarify, leave a comment at the bottom of that video.
What do our students talk about?
Don’t really know English. What to do?
Being fluent in English is not necessary, as practice shows. The whole site is obvious to many novice traders. Our lessons can save you a lot of time learning the user interface.
How much money can a foreigner earn as a seller on eBay?
Your earnings can initially be $100-200-500, and you can have unlimited monthly earnings (of, say, $10,000) in a year. Although some people reach it faster.
What is the amount of investment required to start a business on eBay?
If you are a beginner, then you will not always need money to get started. First, you need to know the basics of this business and then start selling in a certain way. Earlier, we presented a list of about 50 user-initiated products for traders who are already experienced. $200 of the first investment is enough. Or, use the dropshipping system that allows you to enter the market without any money at all and earn tens of thousands of dollars without even holding the goods.
To whom do I go if there is a problem or question after buying the course?
When you have access to the course, at the bottom of each video you will see an area where you can write any problem or query. We will also send you a link to the closed group on Facebook.
Now, the course version is 1.0. Once the latest version of the course is released, can I access the updates related to the voucher I bought? (Like if there is a version 1.1)
Уes. Once you have purchased the training course you gain access to all life-span material, including future updates, instructional videos, new instructions, templates, records, etc.
I did not like the course. Can I refund the money?
If you decide that the course is not at the required level within 14 days from start of your training - we will refund the money in full.
شكرا لك على الشراء!
كورس :" مفتاح من ايباي - اسرار للمبتدئين 1.0" متوفر الان في حسابك الشخصي.
Get the course:
مفتاح من موقع ايباي - اسرار خاصه للمبتدئين 1.0
The original price 249.00