Course: Ebay Kingdom - Professional Selling 1.0
شكرا لك على الشراء!
كورس: مملكة إيباي - البيع بشكل احترافي 1.0 متوفر الان في حسابك الشخصي.
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كورس: مملكة إيباي - البيع بشكل احترافي 1.0   
The original price — 599.00$
Working online is easy
It's time to get rid of all the restrictions around you and become a successful trader thanks to:
Course: Ebay Kingdom - Professional Selling 1.0
A 7-hour online training course that reveals all the secrets of maintaining a successful eBay account and direct access to profits of $2000 and above. This course is a set of experience and guidance, and is a continuation and follow-up to the course known as the "Key to eBay - Secrets for Beginners 1.0 "
How did I change my online e-commerce attitude?
Hello everybody! My name is Abdo, and I am an ordinary person, just like you. I have co-authored 4 online sales courses under the supervision of my colleague Andre from Ukraine, whom I met at the gym four years ago when I worked there as a sports coach. Andre decided to tell me how to earn a living (through e-commerce online, of course), in particular, he told me all about using international trading platforms like eBay and Amazon. He convinced me that online trading has unlimited possibilities that can be used by and is available for everyone. There, everyone can start working to make money right now! And to achieve the profits required for a certain period of time, begin to sell in style and guidance, and earn a profit of $1500 per month, and then higher... You can imagine the extent of change from the reality that I was living at that time, only receiving $150 per month. My attitude changed dramatically once and for all. I realized that the big money could only be earned by repeating another person's experience. I have been convinced. For two years, I was meeting people who were involved in website development, as well as online promotion in online courses. I decided to become a partner for the Retuts team and share my experience with you. Of course, after all, we recognize that success depends on the attempts, the self-desire to do something, and persistence. Always remember: if you continue your previous work and do everything you have done until this moment, you will receive similar results after a period of no change. To remedy this situation, you have to do something you have not done so far.
Who can use our course
Those who wish to learn new techniques and tricks of eBay.
Those who wish to start a new business and make a profit immediately without indulging in details.
Those who feel troubled and stuck and are no longer able to get out of those special circumstances.
Those who want to increase their income on eBay.
Course Program
الخطوه 1
  • 1. فكره انشاء موقع ايباي و معرفه المصطلحات الاساسيه
  • 1-1. فكره انشاء موقع ايباي و معرفه المصطلحات الاساسيه
  • 2. خريطة الموقع
  • 3. البحث عن اي منتج بشكل احترافي
  • 4. البحث عن منتج معين حسب الفئه
  • 5. Advanced search بحث متقدم
  • 6. شراء اي منتج بشكل احترافي ومعرفة المعلومات الاساسيه للبائع
  • 7. انواع المبيعات في صفحه البيع
  • 8. البيع في المزاد العلني
  • 9. Private listening -البيع في القائمه الخاصه
  • 10. Feedback- ردود الافعال
الخطوه 2
  • 1. Account control panel
  • 2. Profile change تغيير الملف الشخصي
  • 3. معلومات أساسية عند تحميل الصور في eBay
الخطوه 3
  • 1. كيفيه تحميل المنتج للبيع الجزء الاول
  • 2. كيفيه تحميل المنتج للبيع الجزء الثاني
  • 3. استخدام ادوات مساعده لاختيار كلمات الوصف لعنوان قوي و مناسب للمنتج
  • 4. Shipping-شحن المنتج
  • 5. كيفيه استبعاد بعض الدول من قائمه الشحن
الخطوه 4
  • 1. Cassini محرك البحث
  • 2. استخدام ادوات مساعده لاختيار كلمات وصف قويه
الخطوه 5
  • 1. google to eBay
  • 2. كيفيه تنوع وتعدد المنتوجات بصفحه البيع
  • 3. اعدادات الزبائن بصفحه البيع
  • 4. حق الملكيه_Vero program
  • 5. كيفيه فحص الشركه التي عندها علامة تجارية
الخطوه 6
  • 1. حل المشاكل بين البائع والمشتري
  • 2. كيفية تتبع المنتجات التي تم ارسالها
الخطوه 7
  • 1. كيفيه الرد على ردود الفعل
  • 2. منع بعض المشترين من الشراء من منتجاتنا
  • 3. auctiva- برنامج مساعد للتعديل على صفحه البيع
  • 4. zik analytics-برنامج بحث سوق للمنتجات في الدروب شيبنج
  • 5. zik analytics-الاعدادات الاساسيه لبرنامج بحث سوق للمنتجات في الدروب شيبنج
  • 6. wuanto - وميزاته
الخطوه 8
  • 1. كاسيني ومدى أهميته
  • 2. اداره المنتجات بعد البيع وخدمه الزبائن
  • 3. مقدمة عن الدروب شيبنج
  • 4. النقاط الاساسيه مع المورد في الدروب شيبنغ
  • 5. كيفيه البحث عن مورد ملائم
  • 6. رفع المنتج من المورد لبيعه
  • 7. كيفيه التواصل مع الموردين
  • 8. متابعه بائعين ناجحين يقومون بالدربوبشبينج من امازون الى ايباي
  • 9. متابعه بائعين الجزء الثاني
  • 10. ايجاد المنتجات الاكثر طلبا
  • 11. ايجاد بائعين محترفين عن طريق صنف معين
  • 12. ايجاد منتجات عن طريق الكلمات المفتاحيه او اسم البائع
  • 13. التعمق بشكل اكثر في برنامج -zikanalytics
Getting a partnership office for our site. (Feature will be available on 03/17/19)
After paying for the main product, we provide you with access to a partner office where you can make money by selling our courses and getting up to $220 per person who starts training and buying courses from our site. Interact with us!
Access to a closed Facebook group.
In the course, you will have the opportunity to communicate with our support. After the purchase process, we provide a link to the closed Facebook group where you can share your own experiences and chat with other participants and the authors of the course.
Access to the closed questions on our site
You will be able to access closed questions for participants of this course in the "Question and Answer" section of our website.
Where is the course?
Immediately after the payment, you will be able to access all the lessons and benefits related to the educational course. You can study the material in a comfortable setting - one lesson every day or all materials at once. After viewing the material, you can apply it directly, do the lessons in the tutorial, and click on the comments under that lesson.
Get amazing results with our course!
  • 1. Use our experiences to reach your own dashing success.
  • 2. Change the way you think for the best.
  • 3. Explore new programs that will help you reach a new level of development and expand your experience.
  • 4. Achieve success.
It fits all!
These are people from all over the world and different professions who have decided to try themselves in a new level of business.
Housewives — women who work from home
Former officers and university students
Disabled people who can only work at home
Experience owners from ordinary companies that never worked in the field of e-commerce online and who want to try and experience a new type of profit online
Our achievements
Used our courses remotely
Follow all our instructions and fully complete the tutorial
Have completed our paid courses online
Of our students have earned their first $2000 on their own
من الطلاب يديرون أعمالهم على موقع eBay مع ربح قدره 150،000 دولار أمريكي في السنة
Frequently Asked Questions
Don’t really know English. What to do?
Being fluent in English is not necessary, as practice shows. The whole site is obvious to many novice traders. Our lessons can save you a lot of time learning the user interface.
How much money can a foreigner earn as a seller on eBay?
Your earnings can initially be $100-200-500, and you can have unlimited monthly earnings (of, say, $10,000) in a year. Although some people reach it faster.
I did not get the course "Key from eBay - Secrets for Beginners". Can I go directly to this course?
Yea. This course is a more informative and expanded version of the beginners course. If you have not previously completed the "Key from Ebay - Secrets for Beginners" course, you will receive the course for beginners as a free gift.
What is the amount of investment required to start a business on eBay?
If you are a beginner, then you will not always need money to get started. First, you need to know the basics of this business and then start selling in a certain way. Earlier, we presented a list of about 50 user-initiated products for traders who are already experienced. $200 of the first investment is enough. Or, use the dropshipping system that allows you to enter the market without any money at all and earn tens of thousands of dollars without even holding the goods.
To whom do I go if there is a problem or question after buying the course?
When you have access to the course, at the bottom of each video you will see an area where you can write any problem or query. We will also send you a link to the closed group on Facebook.
Now, the course version is 1.0. Once the latest version of the course is released, can I access the updates related to the voucher I bought? (Like if there is a version 1.1)
Уes. Once you have purchased the training course you gain access to all life-span material, including future updates, instructional videos, new instructions, templates, records, etc.
I did not like the course. Can I refund the money?
Within 7 days of the start of the training if you see and decide that the course is not at the required level - we will refund the money in full.
شكرا لك على الشراء!
كورس: مملكة إيباي - البيع بشكل احترافي 1.0 متوفر الان في حسابك الشخصي.
Our Courses
كورس: مملكة إيباي - البيع بشكل احترافي 1.0   
The original price — 599.00$
звання ضمانه شخصيه صادقه
أعلم أنه يمكنك الشك في ما إذا كانت الدورة ستناسبك أم لا ، وما إذا كان من الممكن وضع كل شيء كما هو معلن لدينا وأيه شكوك لديك.

لذلك ، نقدم لك ضمان استعادة الأموال بنسبة 100٪

إذا قمت اخي في غضون 7-14 يومًا بمراجعة الدروس وتنفيذ جميع المعلومات وانك لا ترى أن هناك نتائج ، فسوف نرد لك المبلغ الكامل المدفوع للدوره التعليميه .

نتمنى لكم دوام النجاح و التقدم!