Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Here, we will explain how and why we use your contact information.

What information do we need?

We regularly place on-site products/services with useful information. To use them, you need to state your name, email, phone number, and in some cases also put the name of your country.

The phone number is used only to report the beginning of the event you have subscribed to, as well as to thank you for purchasing the products/services. The company bans sales of data traffic and spam.

If you decide to provide us with other people's data, you need permission from the people involved.

What we do with it ? 

We use your data to:

  1. send service messages
  2. process support requests
  3. provide access to information products/services
  4. detect and prevent fraud in relation to the company
  5. distribution of news and promotional information about special offers

Who can access the data

For correspondence from email to your phone number, we use the dedicated service for this, as well as in some instant messaging cases. Personal information is processed in order to be delivered to you at the specified time.


We use cookies — small text files created to monitor and study people's activities on the site. You can disable them at any time in your browser settings


We take effective care to minimize the possibility of loss, theft, damage, alteration, disclosure, or other unlawful use of your personal information.

But to ensure the total elimination of risks is impossible as it is completely contrary to the logic of the Internet as a whole. We recommend that you store account passwords on your device, and if you notice any breach of information security, let us know as soon as possible.

About children

We do not intentionally collect information about children.

If we discover that we have received information about a child under the age of 14, we delete it.

If you are under the age of 18, you must obtain permission from your parents or guardians before submitting your data details.


To unsubscribe - follow the "Unsubscribe" link at the end of any message or support response.

Questions and issues

If you have any questions/concerns regarding security policy and personal data security, please contact us at [email protected]