Refund Policy

Refund Policy

We guarantee a full refund of the product purchased at at the customer’s first request.

Warranty Period

Online events

4 days

"Since the event's completion"

Active events

1 day

"Since the start of the event"

Online courses

14 days

“From the moment you get access to the course”

you must be watching the steps

not to exceed the first 4-5 stages

of the program. If the customer watches

all the videos before the 14 days,

(we track the videos’ playback and watching time), the money becomes non-refundable

These rules may vary in some cases.

Printed materials


The policy doesn’t apply
Trial period access-The policy doesn’t apply

Return Policy

To get your money back, send an email to

[email protected]

, indicating your name, phone number, the number of your card or e-wallet with which the product was paid for, the name of the purchased product, and the reason you’re applying for a refund. Refund application processing time — 24/48 hours.Money is returned on the last day of the month to your electronic wallet or bank card. The conversion time is 1-10 working days.